Where to Start

From initial exploratory research to closing, we will help you navigate the entire relocation process step by step.

We are here to assist you in:

Providing a listing agent for your current home

Purchasing or renting a new home in a new location

Exploring possible relocation spots

Helping you plan a fact finding trip

And much more!

We’ve been through the relocation process from Illinois ourselves, and we understand the challenges, questions, and difficult decisions that always arise in the process. Email us or give us a call, and we’ll be glad to help in any way we can.

Relocations are becoming the “new norm” these days as our society becomes increasingly mobile.

This is especially true for residents of Illinois, who for a myriad of reasons are fleeing the state in ever increasing numbers. Whether you are moving for professional reasons, financial reasons, or just the plain old reason that you’re fed up with Illinois, it’s essential to develop a relocation plan ahead of time.

First, plan an exploratory trip.

Put together a list of a few possible relocation spots, and investigate those areas in person.  If possible, schedule an interview or casual meeting with a possible employer.  Meet with local schools if time permits. Spend a few days familiarizing yourself with a relocation spot so that you can further research that area from afar.

Next, crunch the numbers.

How much will you save by relocation?  If you’re relocating from Illinois, chances are you’ll save a ton in property taxes alone. Illinois’ exorbitant property taxes can be a significant strain on the family budget, not to mention the higher cost of real estate itself in Illinois. If you put together a projected monthly budget, you may be shocked at the amount you’ll save by a mere change of address. One of the most common misconceptions is that salaries are usually lower in areas with a lower cost of living. In many cases, your salary might actually be higher in another state if your profession is in high demand. If you’re a retiree, research the tax ramifications that may come along with a relocation. In many cases, you’ll find a significant tax advantage by moving out of Illinois.

Start planning your move.

Things may begin to move quickly at this point; in today’s real estate market, you may find you sell your home quicker than you anticipated. If it takes longer than you’d expect, never fear; that gives you the opportunity to take your time in planning out your landing spot. Regardless of which situation you face, you will find yourself soon needing to make a final decision, either on a location, a job opportunity, or an offer on your home. In this stage, approach things not with apprehension, but with confidence. Don’t let your fear of a possible change slow you down. You may not feel you’re ready, perhaps, but you may never be more ready than you are right now. If it makes financial, personal, and professional sense to relocate, take the plunge! Once you make the move out of Illinois, we can assure you you’ll never regret it.

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Get out of Illinois was started by Jeff and Angela Kirsch. After living in the Chicagoland area all of their lives, they moved out of Illinois in 2013. They started this grassroots campaign to help people with relocation advice, support, and real estate services. Jeff and Angela live just outside Charlotte, North Carolina with their 2 young children. Jeff Kirsch is in the medical industry and Angela is a successful realtor in the Charlotte area. They enjoy low taxes, great schools, and better quality of life and want to help others do the same.