Migratory Patterns

United Van Lines annual study of migratory patterns of Americans recently came out citing that Illinois is tied for #1 for outmigration – 63% of trucks leaving, only 37% coming in.

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  • Moving OUT of Illinois 63%
  • Moving IN to Illinois 37%

People have left Illinois since 07/16

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Get out of Illinois was started by Jeff and Angela Kirsch. After living in the Chicagoland area all of their lives, they moved out of Illinois in 2013. They started this campaign on helping people get out of Illinois after a successful Facebook page that they ran for over 7 years. Jeff and Angela live just outside Charlotte, North Carolina with their 2 young children. Jeff Kirsch is in the medical industry and Angela is a successful realtor in the Charlotte area. They enjoy low taxes, great schools, and better quality of life and want to help others do the same.