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  • High taxes

  • Bumper to bumper traffic

  • Gritty streets

  • Frigid winter cold

  • Mountains of snow

  • Illinois leads the nation in outgoing relocations

Illinois now has the highest property tax bills in the nation and has the highest overall tax burden in the country. The state is broke, and major tax hikes are on the horizon to pay the state’s pile of unpaid bills.

Illinois’ unique combination of unpleasant weather, high tax burden, and bleak economic outlook has increasingly made the state a difficult proposition for many and it’s no wonder that for 3 years running, Illinois has led the nation in outgoing relocations.

There are so many relocation spots that offer an escape, and at far less cost.

Get Out of Illinois is here to assist you in your relocation efforts!

Migratory Patterns

United Van Lines annual study of migratory patterns of Americans recently came out citing that Illinois is tied for #1 for outmigration – 63% of trucks leaving, only 37% coming in.

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  • Moving OUT of Illinois 63%
  • Moving IN to Illinois 37%

People have left Illinois since 07/16

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